colour management


Canon gets Fogra first

7 June 2021

Canon has received Fogra 59 colour accuracy and consistency certification for its ProStream 1800 web-fed inkjet press, the first to do so.

GMG brings MeasureColor on board

19 March 2021

GMG has added connectivity to Colorware's MeasureColour software for its OpenColor system, enabling more automation of colour matching across a variety of press and proofer…

Inèdit upgrades textile Rip capabilities

10 November 2020

Inèdit has released the NeoStampa Delta RIP, bringing full PDF/X support, comprehensive colour management and DtG capabilities to a wide range of textile printer types

Acquisition trail takes Ricoh to ColorGate

12 November 2018

ColorGate is well-regarded for its wide-format RIP and colour management software. Ricoh has continued to extend its market coverage with the acquisition of ColorGate Digital…

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