Kodak has announced the worldwide availability of Prinergy Access, its browser-based workflow and content management software originally announced in autumn 2021 as Prinergy On Demand Access.

Kodak expanded its Prinergy Cloud offerings in October 2021 to include the subscription-based option that enables printers to streamline the file upload and approval process. Prinergy Access provides connectivity to any digital press, and was aimed at small- and mid-size printers who didn’t want to sign up for the full Prinergy On Demand Business Services version introduced in 2020.

Prinergy Access provides access to Prinergy’s prepress and customer portal tools including Smart Review, which allows customers of printing companies to upload, annotate, preflight, review and approve print files online. It also includes Kodak’s Preflight+, colour management, file management, backup, trapping and routing software. Kodak says it integrates into any print production environment, including existing on-premise installations of Prinergy or third-party workflows, as well as supporting output to any digital press.

The SaaS (software as a service) model takes advantage of the dependability and security of the Microsoft Azure platform, and enables printers to make use of reliable IT infrastructure without the cost and responsibility of its maintenance and upkeep. Kodak also claims that Prinergy Access has minimal network bandwidth requirements.

‘We are very pleased that Prinergy Access is now available around the globe. It enables commercial printers of all sizes to easily benefit from our unmatched prepress and print automation and customer collaboration tools,’ commented Jim Barnes, Kodak’s chief IT implementation officer. ‘Printers can use Prinergy Access immediately without complex implementation, and without having to invest in the acquisition and maintenance of additional hardware or IT infrastructure.’