The beast that is HP Inc.

15 July 2019

HP Inc is without doubt the biggest player in the graphics industry. Net revenue in 2018 was a cool $58.3 billion. The R&D spend alone…

Ricoh awards sustainability prize

24 June 2019

It’s surprising that there are so few sustainability prizes that award cash, but Ricoh is leading the way, especially in the USA.

Offsetting carbon

10 June 2019

For graphics businesses looking to satisfy their customers’ eco itches, try CarbonCo’s offsetting programme. This organisation works with the World Land Trust to provide money…

Composting plastic

3 June 2019

We’ve come across a rising number of compostable alternatives to plastic of late. The ideas are heading in the right direction, but there needs to…

Plastics and the circular economy

28 May 2019

By 2025 the European Union’s (EU) Circular Plastics Alliance expects ten million tonnes of plastic to be recycled every year.

Round and round goes plastic and print

13 May 2019

The circular economy is rapidly moving from being the preserve of green activists and investors out into the mainstream. The idea that everything we use…

Paper industry lagging

7 May 2019

Sad to say the paper industry is still one of the world’s top polluters, alongside steel and energy producers.