Design with the environment in mind

19 March 2019

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the need for designers to think about the environment when planning media projects. This is especially important…

Paper industry still falling behind

5 March 2019

We’ve been working recently with people from the paper industry and it’s been enlightening. The paper business has a long and lofty history: it’s hundreds…

Sustainability by design

25 February 2019

All the talk about building circular economies can seem very remote from the day to day realities of living life and work’s daily grind.

Coffin printing coming to the UK

20 February 2019

Australian company LifeArt is looking for print groups to partner as it seeks to expand its presence in the UK market.

Swanline pushes plastic out

24 January 2019

Swanline Paper and Board has committed to removing all plastic substrates from its product portfolio by January 2020.

COP24 Rules of Engagement

21 January 2019

Much of the graphics industry generally responds to environmental anxieties with a collective yawn, even though there are plenty of reasons why we should be…