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Going Dutch

24 March 2021

Reclameland describes itself as the fastest-growing online printing company in the Netherlands, but it has turned to direct to garment printing as it looks to…


24 March 2021

A Croatian print business has demonstrated the efficacy of moving into garment printing.

The soft stuff

24 March 2021

Digital Textile Printer spoke to several major suppliers of digitally printed textiles to find out everything you need to know about your options

A printing odyssey

24 March 2021

A fascinating story from Greece proves how easily even smaller printers can turn textiles into a money spinner.

Flat out

22 March 2021

Flatbed wide-format printers have been around for 20 years, while hybrids are a much more recent arrival. Can one printer do it all or is…

Finish that book

8 March 2021

Exploring the options when it comes to Book binding and booklet-making.

Bring the bling

25 January 2021

Part one of our look at ways to add value through enhancement and embellishment.

Revisiting Re-Set

18 January 2021

How did six innovative companies open up fresh lines of business during 2020?

Sustainable clothing

16 December 2020

Exploring the impact that textiles have on our plant and the steps digital printers can take to mitigate that impact.

2021 vision

16 December 2020

When it came to forecasting the events of 2020, no-one on the planet had 2020 vision. But 2021 can’t possibly be as turbulent as its predecessor…

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