Kornit aims to shake up apparel ecosystem

17 May 2022

Kornit has staged its London fashion week event, presenting 12 collections of digitally printed fabrics and garments, to explain the potential of digital print technology…

Kornit launches new DtG tech in Tel Aviv

4 April 2022

Kornit has used its Tel Aviv Fashion Week to launch two new pieces of direct-to-garment (DtG) technology, the Kornit Atlas Max Poly system and the…

Sun Chemical adds dye-sub ink

30 March 2022

Sun Chemical has unveiled ElvaJet Topaz SC, a dye sublimation ink developed for digital textile printing. 

Is paper doomed?

21 March 2022

Laurel Brunner says this might be the year when technology makes possible the synthesising of paper using bacteria and carbon emissions

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