Fujifilm has introduced XMF PressReady, a digital print production workflow system designed to manage print jobs from multiple sources, ranging from web-to-print and MIS systems to PDF files supplied directly by customers, directing them to an appropriate digital press.

The new workflow software also allows print service providers to automate routine and repetitive tasks, allowing press operators to focus on more important aspects of production. It integrates closely with the RevoriaFlow DFE that ships with the Revoria Press PC1120, to automate the flow of work from order intake to printed product by pre-configuring and automating the flow of jobs through the DFE, setting colour management parameters and other production controls.

Fujifilm also says XMF PressReady is able to integrate ‘seamlessly’ into a range of established (non-Fujifilm) workflow environments, and that it offers multiple workflows that can be configured to make production decisions based on product size, quantity, media and page count. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving time and reducing the possibility of operator error through re-keying of production data.

Unsurprisingly, it is integrated with Fujifilm’s established XMF workflow, allowing print businesses to manage both offset and digital production via one integrated workflow, something that wasn’t so well-supported in XMF alone, making it particularly suitable for those who use both print technologies.

XMF PressReady is claimed to be unique in integrating not only with Fujifilm’s Revoria digital presses, but with any connected digital press that uses a Fiery DFE. This allows print service providers to manage digital presses from multiple vendors from one system, with visibility of the print job status, the print job queue, media information and ink/toner levels amongst other information.

John Davies, Workflow Product Group Manager, Fujifilm Europe, commented, ‘XMF PressReady is a brand new print workflow system, carefully designed to maximise the operational efficiency of the new range of digital POD [print on demand] devices available from Fujifilm. Building on the success of Fujifilm’s commercial XMF Workflow system, XMF PressReady is a dedicated digital print workflow system designed to manage production from job intake to final printed product.’