Mercury lamps on the out

27 November 2023

Legislation across the world is spelling the end for the mercury arc lamp used in UV curing, with 2025 as the deadline in many places.…

The power of print to drive loyalty

6 November 2023

As the limitations of fully migrating retail customer loyalty programmes to digital platforms become apparent, there has been a renewed interest in digital print, says…

The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

7 August 2023

The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is an approach to carbon emissions reduction that's more squarely aimed at the private sector. Laurel Brunner explains

Why you need a sustainability officer

17 April 2023

The increasingly essential role of a chief sustainability officer will require some determination to carry though, especially if it's not a sole responsibility, says Laurel…

It’s coming home

14 March 2023

Recent global events, from Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine, rising costs and Brexit, have led many brands to look into bringing their print sourcing…

ISO 22067-1 is published

7 March 2023

The first ISO standard for communication of environmental performance of print processes has been published. Laurel Brunner explains what it means

Verdigris blog: Doing more across boundaries

21 February 2023

Laurel Brunner hails the Sustainability Industry Forum recently established in the UK by the Independent Publishers Guild as a step forward but says that more…

Time to achieve Net-zero

23 January 2023

Laurel Brunner welcomes the publication of the ISO's Net-zero Guidelines as a comprehensive and thorough platform for defining the steps to net-zero carbon emissions by…

The United Nations Publishers’ Compact

9 January 2023

The United Nations Publishers’ Compact has attracted hundreds of signatories, with the aim of implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, but it'll need…

Steps towards a circular economy

15 November 2022

The idea of digitally watermarking printed products to aid in their sorting for appropriate end-of-life recycling offers considerable promise, but requires concerted cross-industry efforts to…

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