Burn it or sell it?

15 September 2020

Laurel Brunner explains why paper should be recycled, not burnt.

Electric delivers

7 September 2020

For most print companies keen to improve their environmental impact, ideas start with the premises and kit. But we should all be thinking more about…

Graphics industry post Covid-19

20 July 2020

Sadly we are seeing terrible effects of the Corornavirus crisis on the graphics industry, and clearly we can never expect a return to business as…

Heidelberg facing forwards

15 July 2020

Last November Heidelberg started reinventing itself for the digital age. Actually, that isn’t quite right. Last November was a turning point because Heidelberg Druckmaschinen’s digital…

Nordic Swan for Printers

27 May 2020

Ecolabels are a useful way to signal a company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practises.

Sonora and sustainability

14 April 2020

Awards for sustainability in the graphics sector are not particularly common, and few have lasted more than a couple of years, despite the industry’s need…

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