Printed Easy, an online printer based in Letchworth Garden City, UK, has installed the Scodix B1 Ultra 6000 Smart High Definition (SHD) system supplied by Friedheim International.  The commercial printing company chose the Scodix Ultra 6000 Press with SHD capabilities for high quality embellishment of sheet print from SRA3 to B1.

Printed Easy offers a broad selection of general commercial products, including bound documents and brochures and roll labels. When Jon Lancaster took over Falkland Press as it then was in 2005, he pushed the family-owned business to expand into online printing whilst driving a raft of production efficiencies through its in-house software development, and rebranded the business in 2018.

According to Mr Lancaster, the company started to pay attention to the Scodix Ultra 6000 Press when the team saw the format and quality, ‘The B1 format and new polymers allow low cost-per-sheet which competes with conventional UV on a flat finish, whilst SHD brings us breakthrough quality in terms of sharpness and detai,. he commented.’

Printed Easy intends to use the Scodix Ultra 6000 to add both raised and flat UV and foil to every general commercial product, both bound and unbound, in its range, with many options currently being designed. The integration of the Ultra 6000 into Printed Easy’s automated production is the next step to continue the mantra of ‘bringing offline print to the web-to-print market.’ The software automation and the automatic registration system that Scodix offers was a significant attraction this.

‘We’re excited that with the Scodix Ultra 6000, Printed Easy will fulfil even more of its customers’ expectations with a large range of embellishment options, along with dynamic pricing across all its products, run lengths and custom sizes. I feel everything is set to meet their high demands for production economics,’ commented Franz Repp, president of EMEA for Scodix.