Book producer, Bonacia, has selected Konica Minolta Business Solutions’ AccurioShine 3600 press with iFoil One and AccurioPress C14000e to produce bespoke book covers with embellishment.

Using this digital print technology enables Bonacia to rapidly produce high-quality book covers using the AccurioPress C14000e, whilst taking advantage of the flexibility and speed of the AccurioShine 3600 to add eye-catching embellishment to its products.

Around 90% of the work produced on the AccurioPress C14000e is softbound and perfectbound covers, hardback covers, and dust jackets, along with labels. This is complemented by the AccurioShine 3600 press with iFoil One, which has made a particularly big impact.

Carl Whitelock, production manager at Bonacia commented, ‘We are now offering foiling across all our products, not just hardback. We also benefit from considerable time savings. Previously, if we had been producing a softback cover it would take up to three hours to get the job prepped and primed for print. We would then laminate and print again before foiling. Using the AccurioShine 3600 we can now print, laminate, foil and go straight into finishing, cutting the process down to just 20 minutes.’ 

Konica Minolta’s print solutions have also proven to be a good fit for Bonacia’s broader operations. Mr Whitelock added, ‘The compact footprint of the AccurioPress C14000e has also been very welcome at our facility. The support from Konica Minolta’s team has also been top-notch, enabling us to confidently ensure bespoke book printing jobs are delivered on time.’   

Malcolm Smith, category manager of professional print at Konica Minolta UK, stated, ‘By combining the flexible and high-speed embellishment capabilities of the AccurioShine 3600 press with iFoil One with the print quality, media flexibility and high degree of automation delivered by the AccurioPress C14000e, Bonacia has the ideal production setup to continue expanding and evolving its business.’