Digital embellishment specialist Scodix has introduced a fleet of six new models, targeted at different print applications and business environments, from web-to-print driven to commercial and speciality print and packaging.

The Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Series includes two model aimed at web-to-print environments, both of which include Scodix Studio W2P software. The Ultra 3000 was developed with consumer-facing businesses like Shutterfly and District Photo in mind and serves commercial applications, while the Ultra 4000 is aimed at ‘web-to-pack’ packaging applications and supports larger substrate formats and pallet feeders and stackers.

For general commercial and speciality applications, the Ultra 1000 and 2000 offer the same format but differ in the number of embellishment options supported, which is reflected in their prices. The 1000 is described as delivering ‘accessible digital enhancement’ while the 2000 offers all the Scodix finishing options, including automatic polymer switching for higher productivity.

Packaging applications are supported by the Ultra 5000 and 6000 models, which handle substrates up to 2mm thick and incorporate pallet feeders and stackers. The U:ra 6000 has the larger format but supports fewer embellishment options.

Scodix CEO Eli Grinberg commented, ‘As the world’s most innovative and experienced company in digital print enhancement, with over 400 presses installed around the world, we’re now launching one expanded product line that’s been designed to meet the needs of all of our customers across all of these industry sectors. Whatever the application, enhancement, or budget requirement, we have a solution within this series. Print service providers can choose the press that will best support the future growth of their business.’

The new models replace the existing Ultra 101 and 202, though the B1 E106 model remains available for folding carton applications. All Scodix products are handled in the UK by exclusive distributor Friedheim International.