Kernow Coatings has launched KernowPrint Eco Pro Lite, a synthetic substrate for digital print that is made with 40% less plastic than alternatives, that the company says represents ‘a significant leap forward in reducing environmental impact while maintaining exceptional print quality’.

Eco Pro Lite is offered in thicknesses from 130 – 360micron and is suitable for dry toner and HP Indigo digital printing. Its base material contains up to 40% natural minerals, reducing the plastic content by the same level and so reducing potential environmental impact if not recycled after use.

Kernow says that the material maintains ‘exceptional’ print quality and durability, while giving better flexibility than PET. This makes it well-suited to applications that need to be folded or creased, such as menus, brochures, wristbands, plant stabs, horticultural loop labels and luggage tags, while also supporting rigid products including lumber tags, steel hangers and golf scorecards.

‘At Kernow Coatings, we believe in the power of innovation that cares for our planet,’ said Phil Bartlett, head chemist and technical director. ‘KernowPrint Eco Pro Lite represents a major milestone in our journey towards more sustainable printing solutions. We understand the increasing importance of eco-conscious choices in today’s world, and Eco Pro Lite allows printers to make a significant positive impact while maintaining top-notch print quality.’

The material is available immediately as cut sheets in SRA3, SRA3+ and B2 (not in all weights) and in rolls up to 260micron.