Kernow creates reduced plastic synthetic

26 September 2023

Kernow Coatings has launched KernowPrint Eco Pro Lite, a synthetic substrate for digital print that is made with 40% less plastic than alternatives

Aslan introduces a tough, sticky monster

13 June 2022

Aslan has expanded its digital print media portfolio with MonsterTack Aslan DFP 05, a glossy white self-adhesive film designed for difficult surfaces and harsh conditions

Difficult customers

30 September 2019

Both sheet-fed digital presses and particularly wide-format inkjets can print on a range of materials outside their normal applications but may need some special handling.

Plastics out at Waitrose

1 July 2019

Waitrose has joined the growing list of retailers trialing new approaches to packaging.

Composting plastic

3 June 2019

We’ve come across a rising number of compostable alternatives to plastic of late. The ideas are heading in the right direction, but there needs to…

Plastics and the circular economy

28 May 2019

By 2025 the European Union’s (EU) Circular Plastics Alliance expects ten million tonnes of plastic to be recycled every year.

Round and round goes plastic and print

13 May 2019

The circular economy is rapidly moving from being the preserve of green activists and investors out into the mainstream. The idea that everything we use…

Plastic Recycling

25 March 2019

Packaging printed on Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is changing. LDPE is the cheapest and most commonly used recyclable plastic but it takes hundreds of years…

Swanline pushes plastic out

24 January 2019

Swanline Paper and Board has committed to removing all plastic substrates from its product portfolio by January 2020.

The Verdigris blog: de-inking plastics

1 October 2018

Despite all the excitement about cutting out plastic, it’s unrealistic to think that all printed plastics will disappear. However it’s not unrealistic to start thinking…

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