Hollywood Monster has partnered with Contra Vision and Premier Paper to bring a cost-effective and sustainable printing solution to Nottingham Universal Cinema.

Hollywood Monster is the first company to complete an installation using the completely PVC free product from Contra Vision. Tasked with developing signage for the front of the Nottingham Universal Cinema for an upcoming film release, Hollywood Monster used Contra Vision Advance as an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solution. The new graphics and signage will be used across 11 Universal cinema sites.

The Contra Vision Advance product serves as a lower carbon footprint alternative to PVC signage. With years of research into this product, Hollywood Monster was certain that working with Contra Vision was the best decision for the project.

The company is actively committed to implementing sustainable products and partnering with companies with the same values. The latest product from Contra Vision, used in this application produces less CO2 because of its PET films whilst maintaining durability and affordability. Additionally, with perforated window films, solar heat gain is minimised in buildings such as cinemas, meaning a decrease in air conditioning requirements.

Adam Paget, head of sales of EMEA and APAC at Contra Vision said, ‘We’re excited to work with Hollywood Monster on the launch of our first PVC Free one-way vision film.

Having developed Contra Vision Advance over a number of years, we see its first use as a positive step towards a more sustainable display graphics market.’

Faye Ganderton, internal project delivery manager at Hollywood Monster had this to say about the project, ‘We’re proud to have been selected for this project and look forward to bringing sustainable signage across Universal Cinemas. The result was a combination of beautiful graphics and the innovative new product from Contra Vision.’

Available in two transparencies (30% or 40%), Contra Vision Advance is a product that offers a blend of practical benefits and environmental sustainability for Universal Cinema.

The Contra Vision Advance was supplied to Hollywood Monster by Premier. In addition, Hollywood Monster elected to Carbon Capture its Contra Vision Advance purchases, further enhancing the sustainability of this project.