PrintIQ has developed a feature for generating carbon footprint figures associated with every quote raised within v47 of its eponymous MIS software, allowing printers to meet growing customer demands for environmental accounting information.

Called Carbon Connect, the new feature draws on data from partner CarbonQuota, which specialises in automated carbon accounting for the print and packaging sectors. It enables PrintIQ users to generate a carbon footprint figure directly from the system for every quote. This up-front, item-level data subsequently equips end-customers with the necessary information to accurately assess the environmental impact of the materials used in each print campaign.

Rob Thurston, UK sales manager for PrintIQ stated, ‘The need to know this information is becoming incredibly important across Europe. Big brands are listening to their audience and want to show that they are responsible for their actions. Our MIS helps them do this early in the cycle with an automatic exchange of data between IQ and CarbonQuota.’

Dominic Harris, director and co-founder of CarbonQuota, commented, ‘Carbon Connect enables all printers to be able to talk about carbon with confidence. Providing all the tools needed to increase their offering to clients, increase revenue and reduce their own carbon footprint. Sustainability is a topic that is increasing in relevance daily and carbon footprinting remains at the core of good sustainability programmes.’