East Sussex-based Pureprint Group has used a recently-installed a HP Indigo 100K digital press to enable greater flexibility in the sampling, design, and production stages of printing and prototyping, including the production of English and Welsh dual language children’s book, The Lucky Dragon (Y Ddraig Lwcus).

The book, created in collaboration with Wrexham AFC, HP and Nabu for World Book Day on 7 March 2024, was created to celebrate the richness of Welsh culture and language present in Wrexham, while promoting mother-tongue literacy among children aged 6-10. 

Peter Jolly, HP’s industrial UK and Ireland country manager, commented, ‘This project is a great example of how we’re effectively working with Wrexham AFC as their global tech partner, to enable and create meaningful impact for the local community.’

Isabel Sheinman, Nabu’s co-founder, stated, ‘Since 2020, we’ve partnered with HP to close the digital divide by accelerating literacy for children globally. Nabu provides children around the world with equal access to original, high-quality, mother-tongue, bilingual content for free via the low-bandwidth Nabu reading app and web reader.

‘We’re excited to collaborate with HP, Wrexham AFC, and Pureprint for the creation of The Lucky Dragon, our first Welsh-English book, which will further our mission while inspiring a generation to be the heroes of their own story.’

Mark Handford, CEO of Pureprint, added, ‘Working on The Lucky Dragon project exemplifies our capacity to expedite print runs and work with greater flexibility, all while advancing our sustainability aims.’

Using the HP Indigo 100K, Pureprint was able to create different samples and short trial run productions of the title before the final artwork and translation was complete. This allowed it to meet quick turnaround times and work through several iterations seamlessly. 

Pureprint’s HP printers and materials are also described as being carbon balanced, and by maximising imposition efficiencies, the company can reduce the number of sheets and impressions required per job, making processes more sustainable. Using sustainable materials doesn’t compromise the quality of print and has allowed Pureprint to further its sustainability goals by saving on print wastage.

Mr Jolly concluded, ‘We know that flexibility, productivity and sustainability are top-of-mind for Pureprint, and we’re excited to support on all three of these fronts with the implementation of our HP Indigo 100K digital press.’