EFI has completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) of its Nozomi single-pass digital direct-to-corrugated print technology, in partnership with sustainability consulting firm Clean Agency.

Through this initiative, Clean Agency also developed an LCA tool that EFI customers can use to analyse their CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions as part of overall packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR).

According to the LCA, printing corrugated materials on an EFI Nozomi digital press reduces global warming potential (GWP) by approximately 50% when compared to analogue printing technologies.

Seri McClendon, CEO of Clean Agency, said, ‘No printing plates, less energy, less waste, and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing all contribute to CO2e reductions for corrugated printing on EFI’s Nozomi digital press.

‘Packaging is a major contributor to Scope 3 emissions, so we not only partnered with EFI to conduct the LCA but also to build a calculator that enables users to quantify related kilograms of CO2e for specific packaging printing volumes and applications.’

Evandro Matteucci, EFI’s vice president and general manager of building materials and packaging, stated, ‘The insights substantiate digital print’s positive impact on sustainability as well as our overall commitment to our own and our customers’ sustainability goals.

‘The LCA tool is a key value proposition for all users, as the ability to demonstrate clear footprint reductions not only aligns with ethical values but also enhances brand reputation and competitiveness in the market.’

In 2023, UK converter Caps Cases has claimed to have saved 300,000kg of CO2e when compared to analogue production methods, following its investment in the world’s first EFI Nozomi 14000 LED single-pass UV LED inkjet press.

Trevor Bissett, CEO of Caps Cases, commented, ‘According to our calculations, our largest customer avoided 60,000kg of CO2e by switching to Nozomi digitally printed packaging in 2023. To have the ability to communicate this calculation and its impact provides a strong testimonial for our digital print solutions and indicates our commitment to being a sustainable manufacturer.’