Vivid Laminating Technologies has unveiled the VeloTaper, an automated flatbed taping system that applies double-sided tape accurately onto a variety of substrates.

Intended for use alongside the company’s Veloblade Volta+ die-cutting systems, the VeloTaper is an optional extra that can be purchased separately to the Veloblade Volta+ models and is fully integrated with the latest versions of Vivid’s Zip Core software.

Lewis Evans, Vivid’s sales and product manager, commented, ‘A few scenarios require double-sided tape to be laid onto sheet or roll materials to allow for later assembly or fixing. Traditionally this would be a manual and time-consuming task, and one that is subject to the inconsistencies typical of manual positioning.

‘The VeloTaper automated flatbed taping system makes light work of this task and taping can be performed at the same time as other processes such as cutting and creasing, for ready-to-assemble displays for example. The tape applicator is capable of automatically cutting, creasing and placing a range of double-sided tapes up to 22mm in width precisely along the X and Y axis all in one pass. Freeing up your operator to complete other work.’

Vivid will demonstrate the VeloTaper, alongside its other products and services, at the upcoming Packaging Innovations exhibition in May.