Kampert-Nauta, a Dutch print service provider with more than 120 years of experience, has installed its second Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press.

Kampert-Nauta, which is part of the Royal Em. De Jong Group, the largest graphics group in the Netherlands, focuses on contemporary marketing and communications such as flyers, folders and business cards. The company says that the Scodix technology provides the smart, fast, and flexible production services that it depends on.

‘Our business has been growing steadily,’ explained managing director Richard Kampert, ‘and to maintain our in-house digital enhancement services, we decided to put an additional Scodix Ultra press on the production floor. Since installing our first Scodixpress, which runs continuously, our customers insist that we enhance more of their jobs. In addition, the attraction of embellished prints increased demand from their customers, which created value for the whole ecosystem – us, the brands, and the end-user.’

In addition to the Scodix duo, Kampert-Nauta’s production floor is home to HP Indigo presses, Canon VarioPrint iX3200 inkjets and eight Koenig & Bauer offset presses.

Eli Grinberg, CEO and founder of Scodix, added, ‘This printing company is amazing, and their growth rate is impressive. We are very excited to be part of Kampert-Nauta’s success story and look forward to further expansion in the coming years.’