Becky Bryne, founder of Me Myself and Misha, creates digital artwork, branded packaging, and stickers for online creators using a Roland DG VersaStudio BN2-20 desktop inkjet printer/cutter.

Ms Bryne, a former beauty therapist also known as Misha in the gaming world, shifted her focus into the realm of digital artistry following the closure of her salon due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Established in 2020, Me Myself and Misha evolved from a business offering design services for streamers and gaming conventions to providing an array of products, ranging from stickers and tumblers to custom packaging and apparel.

As the demand for her designs continued to increase, Ms Bryne has installed a Roland DG VersaStudio BN2-20 to meet printing needs while also alleviating the burden of running a one-person operation.

The BN2-20 integrates printing and contour-cutting capabilities. The desktop printer/cutter is described as a ‘versatile’ solution to meet Ms Bryne’s printing needs, whilst removing the need for multiple machines for printing and cutting.

The BN2-20’s versatility means Ms Bryne has been able to print high-quality stickers, apparel transfers, packaging materials, all with colour accuracy and vibrancy.

Unlike her previous setup, which she said to demanded ‘constant supervision,’ the Roland DG BN2-20, equipped with VersaWorks 6 output software, has allowed proactive planning and organisation of print production with its five print queues, five hot folders, and queue settings.

The VersaWorks 6’s media set functions and new sheet cut function, streamlines job setup and execution, while automatic sensor adjustments provide aid in creating the best results in every print.

This has allowed Ms Bryne to save and recall preferences, capture specific print settings, and streamline production into a process which increases overall efficiency.

Ms Bryne explained, ‘Thanks to the BN2-20 Roland DG machine and its integrated VersaWorks 6 software, I’ve unlocked precious time in my day while gaining a virtual extra pair of hands.’

For Me Myself and Misha, closely monitoring the printing process is ‘vital’ to run shorter bursts of personalised orders. Roland DG Connect has provided real-time access to crucial data on print jobs and overall business operations. This on-demand information has allowed the business to adjust its structure, as needed, to maximise efficiency.

Ms Bryne said Roland DG Connect has ‘revolutionised’ its operations stating, ‘We can now schedule runs, track efficiency, and analyse our cycles on the go. This software has enabled me to focus on business expansion and identify areas where I can enhance my design process.’

The relationship with Roland looks to continue as Ms Bryne plans to investment and upgrade to the latest Roland DG UV-LED printer, the VersaStudio BD-8, to help diversify product offerings and ‘expand into new areas’ with direct-to-object printing capabilities.