Print and paper advocacy group Two Sides has released a new edition of its Myths & Facts booklet, with updated facts on paper and the environment.

The redesigned booklet aims to present the European paper industry as a world leader in terms of sustainably-sourced raw materials, use of renewable energy and product recycling rates and to combat mistaken public perceptions such as that revealed in a 2021 survey which found that 64% of European consumers believe European forests are shrinking when they have actually been growing by an area equivalent to 1500 football pitches every day.

Two Sides says one the sources of these misconceptions is the abundance of misleading information about paper and its impact on the environment and points out that even in today’s digital world, it continues to be highly effective, and when produced, used and disposed of effectively, is inherently sustainable.

‘Two Sides seeks to ensure that by fostering a better understanding of our industry’s environmental credentials, print and paper – through its myriad of uses, from commercial applications to the basis of learning and creativity – remains an essential medium for many generations to come,’ said Jonathan Tame, managing director of Two Sides UK.

‘The Myths & Facts booklet explains to brands, retailers and consumers nine powerful reasons that show just how sustainable paper products really are. Two Sides members are encouraged to use these facts in their marketing communications to further spread the reach of paper’s positive sustainable story.’

Members of Two Sides have access to a library of communications tools, including the new packaging booklet, which can be co-branded with their company logo. They also have access to consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice and events.