MacroArt takes it all back

14 April 2023

MacroArt helped its clients enhance their sustainability credentials at the ICE gaming event held in February 2023, with over 1500sqm of graphics materials recovered

Steps towards a circular economy

15 November 2022

The idea of digitally watermarking printed products to aid in their sorting for appropriate end-of-life recycling offers considerable promise, but requires concerted cross-industry efforts to…

Fespa UK extends recycling scheme

1 July 2022

Fespa UK is expanding it waste management programme to offer a store-direct-to-recycler scheme, collecting used banner materials

Fespa calls for waste PVC

8 December 2021

Fespa UK is working with Prismm Environmental to develop a scheme for collection and recycling of PVC and polypropylene

Two Sides aims to lay myths to rest

8 November 2021

Print and paper advocacy group Two Sides has released a new edition of its Myths & Facts booklet, with updated facts on paper and the…

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