CMYUK has installed an EFI Vutek h3 digital printer at DIS, a Wolverhampton-based firm which was recently named ‘Small Business of the Year’ at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards.

The 3.2m LED inkjet printer, which has a maximum print resolution of 1200dpi, replaces a 2m Vutek H2000 Pro and an EFI Quantum 3+ UV printer.

The press, which can print at speeds of up to 220sqm per hour, has had an immediate imapct. ‘The first job we did on this machine was for a huge interior project in the City of London,’ said managing director Mark Bradley. ‘The imagery coming off the printer was so vibrant, with such a high print quality that it almost looked 3D. We’ve had numerous machines but never once have we stood back and said, ‘Wow, this is something different’. When clients were walking past the installation, they were literally stopping in their tracks. The output is amazing.’

DIS has made no secret of its ambitions for the future, ambitions Mr Bradley believes the Vutek h3 will help fulfill. ‘We are looking to increase turnover and maximise profits through the new printer,’ he explained. ‘It is more efficient, faster and more economical to run. We’re very realistic about hitting £5 million turnover by late 2022.’

In the past around 60% of DIS’ work has been for agencies, with the rest coming directly from clients including Rolls Royce, VW and Virgin Active. But with the h3 up and running the company now plans to add trade services to its roster.

‘We’ve never done much trade work,’ Mr Bradley finished. ‘We’ve never run our machines flat out. We look after our printers, as they are very important assets to us. On the other hand the EFI Vutek h3 has so much capacity we will be looking for trade work. It’s opened up so much more volume, and greater flexibility as far as the wide range of materials you can run on it. We’ve future-proofed ourselves.’