Feather Flags Trade, supplier of feather flags, exhibition stands and gazebos for trade professionals, has invested in a Vivid VeloBlade Nexus digital die cutter, to enhance efficiency and maintain its 48-hour turnaround times – the only textile printer in the UK offering a same day production service on all products, the company claims.

‘We are thrilled and excited about the versatility and automation the VeloBlade Nexus has brought. The potential is now limitless. The fabric-cutting tool has eliminated the need for hand-cutting, saving hours in production time,’ said Josh Candy, director of Feather Flags Trade.

The investment in VeloBlade Nexus digital die cutting system (3.3 x 3.2m) has alleviated the company’s increased demand as it expands into new markets, keeping production in-house to maintain control over quality and delivery times.

The implementation of the VeloBlade Nexus, which can be adapted to any required size, has improved overall efficiency, allowing the company to focus more on building its business and expanding its exhibition stand portfolio.