Founded in 2000, Toronto area-based Prismaflex Canada, a subsidiary of French company Prismaflex International, has expanded its production platform with an EFI Vutek 5r+ roll-to-roll LED inkjet printer.

The company, which produces a wide range of display graphics products, has added the Vutek 5r+ printer to boost trade business, with the printer capable of producing high quality products with a faster time to market. Stéfane Comeau, Prismaflex vice president commented, ‘With the extra speed and capacity we are now taking on work that we would have had to pass on before, and with the same number of employees.’

Described as a ‘natural choice’ for the team, the 5.2m (205in) wide EFI Vutek 5r+ can handle a variety of flexible substrates, offering production speeds up to 5242sqft/hr and a resolution up to 1200dpi. It features EFI UltraDrop technology and native 7-picoliter grayscale printheads that deliver high apparent resolution and high-definition print quality. Its LED curing technology is said to reduce the amount of energy consumed compared with traditional UV or latex printers.

A production platform which consisted of ‘several smaller printers, a latex printer, a flatbed and three 3-meter VUTEks,’ said Mr Comeau, needed a new printer to support the company’s ‘16 hours per day, five days a week,’ demand. He added, ‘We saw that the quality and speed of 5-meter display graphics printers has improved considerably. And from our experience, Vutek [printers] is the leader in both quality and reliability.

‘The addition of the new printer has allowed us to keep our existing 5-meter clients happy by increasing our production capacity and lowering our production times and has enabled us to increase our capacity for future business.’