Epson has launched a successor to its SureColor SC-P20000 large format production printer, building on its growing presence in the high-quality photo and fine-art aqueous printer markets. Delivering greater productivity and quality for photo labs, copy shops and corporates, the SureColor SC-P20500 also offers a combination of efficiency and image quality to producers of high-quality fine art photography, posters and indoor signage.  

The new SC-P20500, with its 1.6m print bed, includes a number of enhancements such as a 12-colour inkset with orange, green and violet and a switchable black-enhanced overcoat mode that provides improved contrast, better tonality and bronzing reduction on glossy media.  

Despite the addition of extra colours, the Epson SC-P20500 offers the same 8-pass print speed (19.2 m2/h) as the SC-P20000, faster data processing and a 1.6-litre ink pack which approximately halves the number of ink changes compared to its predecessor. The new SC-P20500, featuring the same printhead (Epson’s PrecisionCore MicroTFP) as the SC-P9500, delivers a highly efficient operation with rapid turnaround times without compromising image quality. 

Offering improved reliability with a range of features such as Nozzle Verification Technology, which automatically detects and adjusts the nozzle to prevent clogging, the SC-P20500 also has printhead and media dust covers, that reduce unnecessary reprinting costs due to wasted printouts. Extremely easy to use, with features such as spindle-less loading and intuitive operation via a 4.3-inch touchscreen, the SC-P20500 is perfectly designed for easy self-maintenance. 

Highly secure, with automatic encryption (format: AES-2560), the SC-P20500 allows for easy data storage and control, via the printer’s touchscreen and/or Epson WebConfig, while offering the option of up to nearly 1TB SSD storage. Compliant with EnergyStar v3.1, the printer is manufactured using 30% recycled plastic. The 1.6-litre ink bags further improve the product’s environmental sustainability by reducing plastic usage per litre by 90%, compared with using cartridges.* 

Set-up is easy to configure and is supported with advanced Epson software for high production customers, eliminating the need to purchase separate additional software. Epson Edge Print PRO is supplied as standard, while Epson Media Installer can be easily downloaded and used for simple media configuration. Epson Cloud Solution PORT Support is also available for printer monitoring. The Adobe Embedded Print Engine is included into the optional available Adobe PS module to improve PDF reproduction and provide faster RIP processing.  

‘With a strong market position in the high-quality photo and fine art sectors,’ comments Phil McMullin, head of sales for commercial and industrial, Epson UK, ‘Epson is now well-placed to continue its powerful presence in the high-quality, professional photo, fine art, poster and indoor signage markets. The launch of the SC-P20500 is a significant step forward, building on the strengths of the SC-P20000, and offers the market a highly cost-effective printer that delivers outstanding quality, reliability and productivity.’ 

* Based on an Epson evaluation. Figure will vary depending on usage.