Further to the acquisition of a controlling stake in Dimense in August 2023, Roland DG has now confirmed that it has begun selling and supporting the large format wallpaper decorating systems, which are now developed and manufactured by DG Dimense, a new joint venture established in Lithuania in October 2023.

The Dimense offering consists of the Dimensor S inkjet printer combined with special media that has the property of foaming when heated, a structured ink to control foaming, and CMYK water-based ink that is safe for use indoors. After printing, the media is heated by the printer’s on-board heater, which causes areas not coated with structure ink to foam up to 1.5 mm thick, realising the planned textured design. This innovative solution enables on-demand output of graphics with a three-dimensional feel.

Dimense has developed an exclusive line of PVC-free media, which is friendly to both the environment and people. Several finishes of media are available, including matte, suede, metallic silver, metallic gold, pearlescent and ‘chameleon’, enabling the production of a wide variety of interior decorations, including wallpaper, as well as point-of-purchase materials. The ‘digitally embossed’ wallpaper can then also be painted for artistic effect.

The materials range also includes textile media ideal for indoor signage such as silicone edge graphics, canvases, roll-up banners and PoP displays. Due to their compliance with safety standards such as AgBB and A+ certification, these media can be used safely in a variety of indoor situations.

‘It is said that less than 5% of wallpaper printing has been digitised, and this industry is expected to accelerate. There is also a growing need for commercial facilities that provide people with an unforgettable experience, and for offices and living spaces that are uniquely their own, and digital printing solutions will play an increasingly active role in this interior decoration,’ said Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s global sales and marketing division.

‘Dimense provides a unique and special expression that not only stands out but can also captivate people by producing a company’s vision and history, brand image and story, and product concept. We look forward to leveraging our global sales and support network to bring this great solution to the global interior decorating market,’ he added.