Fiery and Vivid Laminating Technologies have announced a partnership to integrate Fiery’s DFEs and workflow management software with Vivid’s cutting and other finishing offerings in order to provide automated workflows from prepress to finishing.

The combination of Fiery workflow software and Vivid’s VeloBlade cutting systems and VeloTaper flatbed taping systems provides print operators with an integrated end-to-end solution for print job preparation and finishing set-up. Fiery JobFlow automates the submission and job preparation processes, generating print-ready files that include finishing instructions, registration marks and QR codes to streamline the finishing process and reduce the need for rework.

Fiery JobFlow can be used to improve image resolution for wide format print, while Fiery Impose automates tasks such as ganged layouts and booklet-making with customisable imposition templates. For print-to-cut jobs, Fiery Digital Factory provides true shape nesting and helps reduce material usage.

The integration extends to Vivid’s ZipCore Packaging Suite, CAD/CAM packaging software that optimises packaging design. Fiery JobFlow performs job processing tasks in the ZipCore file instructions, including handling CMYK data and the cut line file information. The combined solution helps businesses speed up and automate the everyday jobs of packaging designers, graphic designers and salespeople involved in creating and producing packaging, allowing jobs to be produced faster.

‘This partnership reflects our commitment to saving businesses time and resources from start to finish,’ said Lewis Evans, commercial director, Vivid. ‘The efficient solution allows businesses to improve job turnaround time and increase their daily workload.’

‘We are excited to work with Vivid to develop this new industry-leading workflow,’ commented Terry Garvey, partner alliance director, Fiery. ‘The solution will deliver significant savings, reducing job preparation time to a few minutes and reducing media consumption by an average of 33% compared with traditional methods. This helps increase the profit per job with printers seeing a return on investment for Fiery JobFlow in a matter of months.’