The BPIF has undertaken what it describes as a major upgrade of its ClimateCalc carbon footprinting tool, with improved functionality, security and user experience.

ClimateCalc was the first international carbon footprinting tool for the print industry, according to the BPIF, and the revamped site will offer improved login facilities, easier set-ups for multi-site operations, including the sharing of substrate data, and easier-to-share product calculations with publishers and other customers. The site is also now prepared for API integration at a later date, which should pave the way for connection to MIS/ERP and estimating or accounting systems.

ClimateCalc is verified to cover 95% of a printer’s calculable emissions and complies with both ISO14064-1 and ISO 16759. It provides a fully audited carbon footprint for the site and enables printers to offer their customers a carbon footprint for every job. It also allows a site to specify the emissions factors for substrates, rather than using a single government figure, important because substrates make up a large  proportion of a site’s footprint and offer a major avenue for companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

ClimateCalc is claimed by the BPIF to be significantly less expensive and easier to use in its basic format than many of its competitors. Demonstrations of both the basic and standard models are available from the BPIF’s website.