Web-to-print developer Infigo Software and middleware connectivity developer Zaikio have announced a partnership that will see the two work together to create tailored automated workflows using their respective software.

Zaikio aims to provide universal interconnectivity between print hardware and software via an API that allows data to pass seamlessly between disparate systems from multiple vendors. Its initial offering, Procurement, aims at the pricing and purchasing stage, but its Mission Control follow-up is described as a ‘single sign-on solution to provide a control point for machines and processes’ such as colour management or imposition, covering everything from order receipt to shipping logistics. As well as uptake from paper supplier Premier, Zaikio reached an agreement with Tharstern, prior to the latter’s acquisition by eProductivity Software in March 2023.

Infigo has an established track record in web-to-print software and integration with specific MIS and other production control systems, and says that the partnership will further increase the range of platforms with which it can integrate.

Paul Bromley, head of global sales for Infigo since May 2023, said, ‘Infigo are proud to announce our partnership with Zaikio. This aligns with our business strategy of once again leading the way in having best-in-class solutions with a huge focus on integration. Customers have often said that our range of connectivity and capability is part of the hidden secrets within Infigo and I would certainly agree with this comment. 

‘Integration and connectivity has always sat at the core of our company ethos and the Zaikio platform matches our vision: to provide leading-edge solutions, harness automation and simplify the workflow, which is something our industry is now starting to embrace.’

Infigo’s head of global marketing Chris Minn commented, ‘We believe in enabling our customers to maximise their revenue within an automated workflow, which necessitates leading-edge connectivity. Zaikio is an exemplar in this respect, embodying the essence of connection within the print industry.

‘Zaikio really is a one stop shop for PSPs and will help our customers to experiment with new products and services and diversify their revenue streams.’

Karl Ciz, in charge of partner success for Zaikio, added, ‘We have made it our mission to develop workflows in the printing industry that allows all participants to communicate with each other on a level playing field. Our partnership with Infigo is the next step towards universal connectivity of the printing industry’