Cloud-based procurement platform Zaikio is to connect users of Tharstern MIS to Premier to provide a ‘fully integrated purchasing experience’ for materials from Premier.

Launching in the UK today at the IPIA’s Recognising Excellence Expo, Zaikio’s mission is to create a cloud-based software platform that connects all stakeholders in the printing industry. Zaikio Procurement is the first software application on its platform; its integration with the Metapaper European e-commerce platform was announced in February 2021.

The Procurement app simplifies and digitises procurement processes for printers and suppliers, allowing printers to record all of their materials requirements in one place, and makes it possible to check and confirm current availability and prices of required products and to order them directly.

Premier joined the Zaikio network in August 2021, and is now fully connected to Zaikio Procurement. Tharstern MIS will soon be connected too, enabling Tharstern users to check product availability in real time and to order materials directly from within the MIS.

Tharstern CEO Keith McMurtrie said, ‘We’re always looking for ways to increase automation for our customers. When Zaikio got in touch to tell us that it was launching the Procurement interface with Premier in the UK, we knew it was a platform we wanted to support. The integration with Tharstern MIS will offer a seamless real-time experience, ensuring our mutual customers will have up-to-the-minute pricing and, more importantly than ever right now, availability information.’

Dave Jones, group marketing director at Premier, said, ‘Zaikio digitises the procurement process leading to greater efficiency and convenience. Direct supplier relationships are maintained, but Zaikio offers printers the option of placing orders with their chosen supplier through a fast and convenient system that can be fully integrated into existing MIS systems.’

Karl Ciz, partner success manager at Zaikio, commented, ‘We are very happy to have two such great partners for Zaikio Procurement. Together, we can offer printers an integrated purchasing experience for their materials.’

Heidelberg (which owns Zaikio) has also announced three further partners in Germany – Streb, Richter & Menzel and iQIP – which should enable users of those products to order offset-related supplies via the platform as part of the German press manufacturer’s ongoing business digitalisation process. Further Zaikio supplier partners are expected to be added throughout 2022.