Founded by Andreas Aplien, John Maxwell and Karl Ciz, CoCoCo, a print industry software as a service (SaaS) company, has been founded with a mission to enable compatibility, connectivity, and collaboration across the print industry worldwide.

CoCoCo will follow an open business approach to reach its goals, offering connectivity for existing assets in print shops. The company’s products will be vendor and manufacturer-neutral so that its products appeal to printers. Print shops will not need to make a new investment but can simply connect their existing setup.

Although just founded, CoCoCo has launched with a product plan based on three components: a platform called CoCore and two products called CoConnect and CoCollab.

CoCore is an AI-enabled, open platform and data storage that forms the base for CoCoCo’s vision of a connected print industry. CoConnect will connect any software and machine on-site or in the cloud. CoCollab will enable rule-based job routing.