Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has introduced a film for visual communication and large format printing that is PVC-free and has a lower environmental impact, claiming energy, water and CO2 emission reductions compared to previous offerings.

Ri-Jet PO100 is a 100-micron thick polyolefin plastic film suitable for the decoration of points of sale, shop windows and panels. The company says the film is exceptionally flexible in its latex, UV LED or UV-gel printable versions, with the added benefit that it can be removed from the application surface without leaving any traces. Due to its flame-retardant properties and because it complies with Reach and RoHS regulations, Ri-Jet PO100 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Daniele Perotti, product manager for graphics at Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, said, ‘Ri-Jet PO100 not only meets the demands of our end-users, major interior design, fashion and luxury brands, who prefer PVC-free solutions for their short-term communication campaigns, but also the commitments that Fedrigoni has undertaken in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, underpinned by precise life-cycle assessment calculations that have been extended to the entire range of products.’

Fedrigoni says certified data shows that the production of this film requires 2% less energy and 32.5% less water, reducing CO2 emissions by 15.5%. Its development is part of the company’s plan to reach its 2030 targets which include a 30% reduction in polluting emissions and 70% of its self-adhesive product volume incorporating cutting-edge sustainable features.