DPP, recently acquired by The Great Peter who also runs PeterPrint, has invested in a Scodix ultra digital enhancement press.

According to the company, the Scodix Foil and Sense applications were key drivers for the investment and offers the company a widening of automation possibilities and economic benefits as well as elevating the luxury look of its products. DPP is an automation focused digital printing company based in Houten, Netherlands. It specialises in a wide variety of commercial printing applications, all of which are customisable by online shops such as PeterPrint.

In the company group, products are sold directly via web shops amongst other big resellers and online printers.

Ferry Lammerts, founder of PeterPrint and owner of DPP, said, ‘In a market where selling standard A4 leaflets is only profitable when you have a huge volume, embellishment gives you the opportunity to add value to each sheet. With the proven technology of Scodix, in combination with our HP Indigo presses, we found a perfect match. The excellent automation possibilities and great number of possible paper types signify that Scodix is the right choice for us.

‘The future in print is not just growth in volume. Growth in volume will make you busier but not necessarily more profitable or happier. It’s creating remarkable printed products by combining new techniques that add value with a continuous focus on automation. Scodix makes it possible to add value to each sheet. If you look at the range of special possibilities, we offer like digital die cutting, white ink, foil and UV varnish you know you have something more to offer than your standard MC glossy leaflet.’