Xerox used its recent Xeretec Ltd Xerox Print Show event in Uxbridge to highlight some state-of-the-art print and packaging ideas involving Vivid Laminating Technologies, XMPie and Xerox.

Lewis Evans, sales and product manager at Vivid provided a demonstration launching scratch-off foil technology to increase personalisation, claimed to be the first in digital print.

Mr Evans said, ‘We designed the [foiling] machine with a silicone roller instead of steel, as the silicone roller can push the foil into the uncoated paper stock. It can print onto coated, uncoated and on top of laminated stock too. It is unusual and new to digital foil on uncoated paper. It has never been done in digital print before.’

Phil Gaskin, business development channel manager at XMPie, delved into recent trends and claimed 11% of companies generated at least 50% of their income via a web-to-print platform. He also said 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to create a more personalised experience.

Mr Gaskin said, ‘I believe if you can print it, you can personalise it. During the pandemic we had one customer who deployed many stores as once things opened up again he had a lot of volume. He now has 20 stores with an average order of 300 line items, all completely automated in a touchless workflow MIS. He is one of three printers who said that if it wasn’t for XMPie, he wouldn’t be in business right now.

John Howlett, a pre-sales analyst at Xerox, gave a live demonstration on the Xerox Iridesse production press, explaining in detail how the fluorescent pink toner introduced in the last couple of years can be mixed with the other colours supported in the six-colour machine ‘to create a whole raft of new colours that aren’t already out there in the colour market’.