Tech:art, an Italian print service provider founded in 2002, has installed a Fujifilm Acuity Prime 30. The company, which is based in Trofarello, just outside Turin, offers a ‘full service’ from pre-press, through to design, prototyping, packaging and logistics, for customers in both B2B and B2C environments. 

The Acuity Prime 30, which arrived last September, has already impressed CEO and general manager Davide Salvo. ‘When the machine was first installed, there were some final calibrations to sort, but we just couldn’t wait to use it so we started running production jobs anyway,’ he said. ‘We were instantly impressed. The productivity of the machine is far beyond what we had expected and exceeds any other machine we have seen before in a similar price bracket.

‘We first heard about the Acuity Prime in the summer of 2021 from a Fujifilm sales contact. We were very impressed by how easy it is to use and the outstanding print quality and productivity it offers. This, along with our confidence in Fujifilm as a brand, ultimately led to the investment decision.

‘We are typically using the machine for interior design applications such as wood, plexiglass, glass and metal as well as signage. We were previously using a competitor machine, but it was proving impossible to print with the quality and speed that we now can achieve with the Acuity Prime 30.’

In other news, Fujifilm has also announced a new strategic partnership with Nautasign, intended to boost Acuity Prime and Acuity Ultra R2 sales in the Benelux region. Nautasign, which has offices in Mechelen, Belgium and Ede in the Netherlands, will now supply both machines in those countries as well as Luxembourg. 

Marco Kedde, co-owner of Nautasign, commented, ‘We are very pleased to have partnered with Fujifilm. It’s a huge brand that creates great printers with impressive designs and it has been a pleasure working with the Fujifilm team. The onboarding process was seamless and I look forward to having the machines in our showroom.’