Following a period of what it is calling ‘tremendous growth’, Apprintable has taken its production capacity to the next level, moving to new premises in Wembley and investing in several pieces of new equipment.

The company says that, over the past few months, it has been receiving high quantities of orders and bigger projects than ever before. This necessitated the move to the new, larger facility, which has given it the ability to support over 3500 local businesses as well as providing it with more available space to operate its new equipment.

Specifically the firm has invested in a Ricoh C5300s with Fiery RIP, purchased through X-Pres OnDemand, and an Aerocut Prime supplied by Morgana. Apprintable says that the new Ricoh will provide it with ‘much greater capacity and better quality print for sharpness and detail, as well as bringing our costs down from our previous OKI print engine.’ Meanwhile the business describes the Aerocut as ‘an incredibly efficient cutting and creasing machine that allows us to produce and finish our marketing products at unrivalled speeds. We can now provide world class printing, cutting and finishing for all of our customers in-house print products at a speed that’s rarely matched by other print companies of our size in the UK.’

The move, along with the new technology, has allowed Apprintable to move many of its processes in-house, reducing production time and cost for orders as well as giving the company more control over quality control.

Peter Haddad, the company’s co-founder and managing director, explained, ‘Over the past year we’ve seen incredible development and we’re excited to see even more going in 2022. In the print industry, the name of the game is efficiency and we’re proud to say we’re one of the most efficient print companies in London when it comes to delivery time, production and wastage.

‘Adapting to this higher level of demand has meant we’ve had to improve our processes as well. At Apprintable we’re always looking out for new opportunities to maximise our output whilst also streamlining our processes. Not only are our existing processes much more efficient, but the new equipment gives us more flexibility to produce new products. One of our core focuses has always been about being sustainable and cost-effective. By implementing these new machines we can free up more time for our team to focus on other roles to get your products to you as quickly as possible.’