Sound Control Services of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, has installed an EFI Vutek Pro 32 3.2m roll-fed UV printer supplied by CMYUK and says it has already attracted new work opportunities.

The company provides acoustic control solutions, including absorbent panels, foam, blankets, baffles and vibration-damping materials for customers across a wide range of  industries and sectors. It works with architects and property developers and in addition to specifying and supplying off-the-shelf products develops its own certified solutions, made in the UK.

The new printer replaces a Vutek QS3200 hybrid bought some five years ago to cope with a growing number of branded acoustic wraps that had previously been outsourced. Company founder Jim O’Shaughnessy explained, ‘We produce large volumes of  architectural products such as panels that hang from the ceilings, baffles that reduce unwanted ambient noise in large spaces such as gyms, halls and lobbies, and wall panels. However, now we’ve got the ability to print on the fabrics that surround these products – the Pro 32r produces really fantastic prints at really high quality.

‘We’ve definitely branched out because we’ve really had to justify buying a printer of this calibre. With this new machine we can do so much more, and it has presented us with more opportunities. It’s opened up a whole new world,’ he added.

The new work includes panel refurbishment work for both existing clients and new ones who purchased their panels elsewhere. Corporate fit-outs in another new avenue. ‘We’ve had those sorts of enquiries from our existing customers. Once they know you’ve got a printer of this calibre then different enquiries start to come in that we certainly wouldn’t have had before,’ Mr O’Shaughnessy said.

Of the choice of new printer, he explained, ‘Continuing with CMYUK seemed the natural way to go. The support we’ve been given is very good. EFI Vutek printers are reliable, high quality machines that are used widely. We really liked the QS 3200 and the way it operates. Obviously the Pro 32r is a big step up but all we ever print is fabric and a dedicated roll-to-roll system is absolutely perfect for us.’