Screen is targeting the package printing market as a strategic business area, and is to progressively strengthen its product line-up and technology development for this sector.

Screen noted that the package printing market has witnessed a number of trends in recent years, including ongoing shifts in consumer lifestyles, diversification of marketing techniques, and growing interest in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These changes have both caused and accompanied movements in the industry itself, such as the rise of on-demand and stockless production, as well as diversified and small lot orders and demand for mass customisation.

Digital printing has been attracting attention as a new production method with the ability to meet these emerging needs. However, a large number of technical challenges remain in areas such as productivity, stability and processing, according to Screen, and digital systems have so far not achieved widespread adoption within the package printing field.

In response to these requirements, Screen has been actively expanding the expertise it has cultivated in its current business areas. This includes the integrated high-speed inkjet printing, image processing and inspection technologies the company has developed for its Truepress Jet520 series of high-speed roll-fed inkjet presses. Screen’s expansion of its expertise has also involved the screening, colour management and process automation technologies it has created for its thermal computer-to-plate (CtP) systems. By combining these technologies, the company intends to provide each area of the package printing field with inkjet technologies of, ‘outstanding quality, productivity, reliability, automation and application compatibility.’

These technologies include the new PacJet FL830 for flexible packaging, and others developed in partnership with BHS Corrugated and Inca Digital Printers for digital corrugated and folding carton printing.