On the first day of the Print show Vivid Laminating Technologies has unveiled a new flat-bed cutter, the Velo Blade. 

The automated machine combines cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass. 

It caters to a variety of stocks and sizes ranging from 210 x 297mm to 600 x 400mm and can handle paper, plastic board, PVC board, PU, cardboard, rubber sheet or marking film. It cuts at up to 1000mm/s with SRA3 taking between 15 – 45 seconds per sheet.

‘Traditionally, the cost of bringing quality cutting in-house hasn’t been a feasible option for most print shops,’ explained sales director, Richard Marlow. ‘Which led us to launch the Velo Blade. Collaborating with our customers to understand what would make their businesses better and lives easier, it became clear that less outsourcing and expanding their customer base was the way to go. Velo Blade opens up completely new markets in packaging and point-of-sale giving print suppliers the platform they need to further their offering and grow the business. We’re incredibly excited to see the impact it’s going to have.’