Contiweb, a specialist manufacturer of web-handling equipment and provider of integrated technical solutions for web offset printing, web inkjet printing and packaging production, has announced that Canon Solutions America’s Production Print Solutions division has signed a reseller agreement to supply the Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicator (DFA-560) to the US market.

In cooperation with Contiweb, Canon Solutions America evaluated the DFA-560 in its South Florida Customer Innovation Center, for use on the Canon ProStream 1800 inkjet web press. The DFA-560 serves as an in-line remoisturiser for the ProStream and will be made available to customers who require this technology.

The Contiweb DFA-560 is a stand-alone fluid applicator that uses tap water and a surfactant for intelligent remoisturising of paper that is processed through an inkjet web press. It offers a water-only or water plus silicone substrate mixing and application system. Precise remoisturising is obtained by individually controlling the remoisturising process for each side of the paper. This process helps enable increased runnability of lightweight paper applications which require post-process finishing. Optionally, the DFA-560 can also apply silicone, which helps stabilise the paper after printing, especially for heavy substrates which have heavy ink loads. This maximises output quality prior to finishing while improving the overall user experience.

Advertorial: Canon Solutions America signs agreement to sell Contiweb Digital Fluid Applicator

Precise remoistening with the Contiweb DFA-560 optimises output for finishing

Vice president of marketing at Canon America Ed Jansen said, ‘Our customers are under pressure to meet short, demanding deadlines, which means continuous production is a must, often with reduced numbers of operators.

‘The Canon ProStream delivers exceptional productivity and print quality, and we are excited to partner with Contiweb and its DFA-560 to provide an in-line production remoisturising solution. This further solidifes our customers’ ability to uphold excellent print quality with uniformity and reproducible results over thousands of prints.’

Sales director at Contiweb Robert Bosman said, ‘Contiweb has a long heritage with fluid application in web offset and has successfully applied this knowledge to web-fed inkjet over the last few years. Following the success of this product in Europe, we’re delighted to replicate this achievement in the U.S. and our agreement with Canon Solutions America is a big step towards that.’


This advertorial article was placed by Contiweb.