GlobalVision, a specialist in document quality control software for regulated industries, has launched an advanced integration with long-time technology partner Esko, with their flagship product WebCenter, further enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the packaging artwork and content management process.

The integration brings together Esko WebCenter, a web-based platform tailored for CPG and pharmaceutical teams to manage aspects of the packaging management workflow from creation to approval and distribution, with GlobalVision’s automated proofreading platform, Verify. The result means a unified and user-friendly workflow that streamlines quality inspections and ensures 100% accuracy, compliance, and print readiness.

A key feature is the single-Click file inspection tools for compliance. The built-in automated text compare, spell check, graphics, barcode and braille inspections ensure that files are compliant with global regulatory requirements by checking files as they move through the WebCenter workflow.

Security and data protection with the closed-loop integration is said to ensure that files leaving WebCenter are securely transferred to Verify, prioritising data security and protecting sensitive information.

Another feature is the seamless artwork management workflow. This reduces the number of revisions needed, improve productivity, and create more synergy in the artwork management workflow by connecting Verify to WebCenter, allowing for single click file transfers between the two.

The Verify integration in WebCenter brings together speed, precision, and security to address the challenges faced by artwork, labelling and quality control teams to save time and maintain compliance by automating proofreading throughout the artwork management process.

Michael Malz, chief product officer at GlobalVision, commented, ‘Esko and GlobalVision teams have been hard at work for many months to bring this new integration to life. Accessing GlobalVision tools from within the WebCenter workflow has been a key function our shared customers have been requesting, as it brings quality inspections right where users need them.’

Jan De Roeck, Esko director of marketing, industry relations and strategy, added, ‘We are dedicated to developing solutions that accelerate the go-to-market of packaged goods. We are always keen to ensure our customers are making the very most of their Esko software and we are delighted to have worked with GlobalVision on this integration.’