Leicester-based Flexpress has installed a Horizon HT-300 Ice trimmer from Intelligent Finishing Systems to work alongside a Horizon BQ-500 Ice binder.

Steve Wenlock, Flexpress’ managing director stated the importance of the installation with the ‘ever-shorter supply’ of skilled staff available. He said, ‘The HT-300 is a perfect example as it enables us to turn what otherwise would have been two individual jobs into one streamlined process whilst gaining productivity as opposed to losing it.

‘We’ve seen immediate improvements in productivity made possible by utilising staff elsewhere in the business and it’s stopped us having to juggle staff, or jobs around to trim books.

‘It frees up valuable staff time to focus on other areas of the business that we’re currently unable to automate.’

Flexpress also has other Horizon equipment with IceLink connectivity and is in the process of rebuilding its internal software systems to maximise the information Ice Link provides to help make more informed decisions.

Mr Wenlock added, ‘In this age, good information drives good decisions, so connected systems give you the power to analyse data more thoroughly and alert you to ways of making improvements.’

The latest investment joins a Horizon StitchLiner MKIII, a Horizon BQ-280 PUR single clamp perfect binder, a Horizon HT-30C three-sided trimmer, a Horizon CRF 362 creaser folder and a Horizon AFC-566 folder.