Hot on the heels of the introduction of the direct-to-object VersaObject MO-240, Roland has also added a desktop flatbed UV printer to its VersaStudio line, the DB-8, which offers an imaging bed of A5 dimensions and the ability to print onto objects up to 102mm high.

The BD-8 is described as a versatile UV printer capable of high-definition direct printing on diverse shapes and materials. With an optional rotary axis, it can also print onto cylindrical objects like bottles and lipsticks. Compatible with Roland’s EUV5 ink, it can print onto materials ranging from soft fabrics to hard surfaces like wood and plastics. A primer ink enhances adhesion for printing on glass and metal, enabling the production of high-margin products such as smartphone cases, stationery and cosmetic items.

The DB-8 uses the same printhead as Roland DG’s high-end inkjet models and offers multiple print modes suitable for ‘diverse’ applications. Roland highlights the user-friendly design of the machine, emphasising their ease of installation and operation. A minimalist interface includes only a power button on the printer, with  functions controlled through included utility software. The printer is supplied with FlexiDesigner VersaStudio Edition, supporting design creation and output for novices. Pricing was not revealed but it is clear from the design and software inclusions that it is aimed at new / entry-level users.

Users will also have access to Roland DG Connect, a cloud-based service that provides proactive error support and real-time visualisation of printer status.