Roland DG has launched a new bench-top UV flatbed printer for direct imaging onto 3D objects and cloud-based production control software designed to support personalised production, particularly in e-commerce settings.

The VersaObject MO-240 printer offers a printing area of 610 x 458mm (24 x18-in), and accommodates three-dimensional objects up to 204mm (8-in) thick. With an optional rotary axis unit, cylindrical objects such as bottles from 10 to 121mm in diameter can be printed.

Roland’s EUV5 inks include orange, red, white and gloss in addition to CMYK, expanding the colour gamut by approximately 20% compared to CMYK-only printing. The gloss ink enables gloss or matte finishes and realistic textures, including 3D embossed effects. The UV-curing inks suit a variety of materials, from soft to hard, covering plastic, paper, leather, wood, and glass and metal with the use of a primer ink.

The MO-240 features a 7-in colour touch panel for operation, an automatic cleaning function to maintain print quality, and ships withRoland’s  VersaWorks 6 Rip software. It has large print heads in a staggered layout, plus a ‘potent’ UV-LED lamp, for optimised high-speed output which here means just over 2sqm/hr. Productivity for simultaneous white printing has doubled compared to previous models, according to Roland.

Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s global sales and marketing division, commented, ‘Our VersaObject series has been meeting the needs for small lot high-mix production in manufacturing and services with its high definition and beautiful printing. In recent years, new services such as customisation and personalisation have been attracting attention in various fields based on diversifying and individualised consumer needs, and the MO-240 with its advanced productivity will bring a high level of competitiveness to customers in these businesses.’

The company has also launched PrintAutoMate, cloud-based software aimed at standardising output operations and streamlining print workflows for businesses dealing with diverse data, media and products. It automatically converts printing data into pre-registered fixture layout data, assigns print jobs to operators, and seamlessly integrates with VersaWorks 6 Rip software, to improve efficiency and minimise errors in production.

Mr Miller added, ‘PrintAutoMate is an asset for businesses offering personalisation services, particularly in e-commerce, by automating complex printing tasks and significantly enhancing work efficiency.’

Accessible via the Premium Plan of Roland DG Connect, PrintAutoMate is offered on a 90-day free trial, inviting Roland DG inkjet users to experience the benefits of its enhanced workflow.