French cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique has installed two Screen Truepress Jet web inkjet presses to increase both the speed and capacity of its production, with a Truepress Jet 520HD AD and a 520NX complementing an existing 520HD model.

Based in Albens, south-east France, TagG has collaborated with Screen for some time, co-develping IPDS controllers for the web inkjet range in 2017, to complement Screen’s Equios workflow offering. With 115 staff, the company serves over 200 customers in industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, mail order companies, supermarkets and car manufacturers and is one of Screen’s biggest customers.

‘We chose the two Screen digital printing machines for their speed, high uptime and high print quality, which is comparable to, or even better than that of offset printing, offering TagG’s clients a competitive print-cost ratio,’ said Hervé Lesseur, CEO of TagG Informatique. ‘Additionally, the vibrant colours and sharp details that can be printed on a wide range of paper substrates stood out.’

The Truepress Jet 520HD AD and the 520NX will serve different needs for TagG. The 520HD AD model, which incorporates Screen’s most advanced dryer unit for higher coverage work, can be used for direct mail, while the 520NX better suits transactional print jobs. TagG reports two distinct developments in these markets: direct mail is growing slightly, while the transactional market is shrinking.

Mr Lesseur commented, ‘The decreasing volumes in the transactional market therefore require modern and cost-effective solutions. At the same time, the growing direct mail segment requires more creativity and product innovation, as well as personalised printing with print quality at least matching that of offset printing. This is what TagG has been offering for the past five years with our first Screen Truepress Jet 520HD+.’

The Truepress Jet 520NX features a five-inch printhead module that offers up to 600 x 900dpi resolution and a maximum speed of up to 150m/min. The gap between printheads has been reduced to one-eighth of that in earlier Screen systems to deliver higher quality and more stable printing. The 520NX’s printhead design handles both monochrome and full colour printing, allowing the CYM printheads to be ‘parked’ when printing mono, to reduce ink consumption; an extra printhead can be installed adjacent to the other printheads to handle MICR and other special-purpose inks.

The AD model combines a constant-temperature dryer with heating rollers to deliver a ‘superior’ drying performance in combination with Screen’s SC inks that work on offset coated stocks without pre-processing or primer. Screen says that as a result, energy consumption is minimised and issues with heat, such as excessive drying, are avoided. Further, printing directly to the paper saves time and money and preserves its surface texture.

‘In fact, we’ve achieved a noticeable improvement in colour accuracy and detail, with the new Sscreen presses enhancing the overall impact of TagG’s printed materials. Their print quality is even better than offset: colours are vibrant, details are sharp,’ added Mr Lesseur. He noted also that it was important for Screen’s SC+ ink to be fully compliant with France’s stringent regulations: ‘This certification is crucial for TagG’s sustainability efforts to minimise our carbon footprint. Sscreen was the only manufacturer that could issue such documentation.’

TagG expects that the new investments will enable business growth of 10 – 12% in 2024.