Dyer & Son has upgraded its DBM-120 hand fed booklet-maker to Duplo’s DBM-350 Digital System to speed up production and thus service more customers, more quickly.

The Leatherhead, Surrey-based family business has been in existence for over a century and is currently run by the great grandson of the founder, with tow of his sons active in the firm too.The company produces a wide range of commercial print products from flyers and letterhead to booklets, banners and mounted boards. Increasing pressure for rapid turnaround of work meant that a more automated booklet-making solution was needed.

The Duplo 350 Digital Booklet System was selected as it suits digital print well, allowing collated work from multiple printers to be processed to produce high quality booklets consistently. Make-ready times are shortened as the PC control allows jobs to be set up and recalled instantly with little or no manual intervention. Two paper feed trays in the DSF-2200 digital sheet feeder allows the combination of main content pages with covers that have been offset printed, printed on a separate digital press, UV coated or laminated, for example.

Chris Dyer senior commented, ‘We feel that with the Dupo 350 Digital System we will be able to produce our booklets about four times quicker. There was a need to upgrade the speed and quality of our booklet-making. We like the automation of the DBM-350 – it will most certainly save our operator’s back from all the manual feeding. We are a big fan of the machine’s ability to crush each booklet before delivery. This means that the booklets come out much flatter and don’t spring open. It gives our work a much more professional look and I just know our customers are going to appreciate it.

‘Installation was done in a couple of hours and the training was top class and informative. Ben, our operator, has very quickly picked up the new machine. It is easier to use compared to our previous model because the controls are digital using Duplo’s PC control,’ he added.