Paper manufacturer Fedrigoni is launching an Innovation Centre to bolster its R&D capabilities and to continue the development and production of sustainable, recycled and recyclable premium papers and self-adhesive materials.

The 3000sqm space, located next to the group’s Verona offices in Italy, will centralise operations, facilitating collaboration between companies, universities, innovative start-ups and users of products and services, and will work to co-create ‘high-performing products and solutions that are more befitting of a modern, sustainable and tech-optimised world’.

Fedrigoni has engineered various advanced technological solutions for speciality papers, packaging, creative communications and premium labels including RFID sensors for smart papers and labels, and durable paper alternatives to plastic that are tear-resistant, grease-proof, water-resistant and translucent. These papers are made from renewable fibre sources and many of them are made from fully recyclable raw materials. The new centre will enable the group’s customers to participate more effectively in the process. 

Marco Nespolo, Fedrigoni Group CEO, commented, ‘This ambitious project facilitates a multi-faceted collaboration between our suppliers and strategic partners to create a significant impact on the entire ecosystem in which we operate. Without continuous innovation, there is no future. Improvement not only comes through R&D but also through the exchange of experiences and insights between different parties with complementary skill sets. This helps broaden our perspectives to think of bigger and better solutions for our industry and the sectors we serve.’

The new centre is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2024.