Stibo Complete, a Danish graphic company, has become the world’s first buyer of Vanguard’s VK3220T-HS high production LED UV digital flatbed printer with 15 printheads.

The deal between Vanguard Europe – the European subsidiary of Vanguard Digital Printing Systems Corporation based in Brixen, Italy – and Stibo is also in collaboration with local partner Antalis.

The VK3220T-HS, first launched at Fespa 2023 in May, has been installed at the Stibo Complete headquarters in Horsens, Denmark. With three factories in Denmark and two in Sweden, Stibo’s configuration comprises three rows of CMYK and three white printheads.

‘I have tested different brands in the flatbed market, and the Vanguard VK3220T-HS came out strong in all tests – quality, productivity and on the drying characteristics at high output,’ said Henrik Mølgaard, production manager at Stibo. ‘With between 45 and 70% higher output in the flatbed segment than today, it gives us the opportunity to significantly increase sales of flatbed products and at the same time reduce the use of external suppliers.’

‘Stibo Complete has utilised Antalis services for many years, they are a serious supplier and are developing a similar reputation for many products within large-format printing. Vanguard was not known to Stibo beforehand, but with the print tests we made and the fact that Durst is behind Vanguard, we were not nervous at all about starting a collaboration.’

The company considers digital to be a significant growth market. Although it has its roots in traditional printing, today Stibo describes itself as the ‘leading graphical supermarket in Scandinavia’. It is owned by the Stibo Foundation.

Søren Henriksen, CEO of Stibo Complete, said,Over the years, customers have experienced new needs, and Stibo has been allowed to create the solutions. An investment in this market-leading digital technology from Vanguard gives us even more peace of mind to concentrate on the customers and on delivering the right opportunities.’