In what was one of the biggest ever orders placed at Vivid Laminating Technologies, four VeloBlade Nexus wide-format digital die-cutting systems were installed in one week at Royal Mail during March 2023.

Royal Mail purchased four VeloBlade Nexus 2516 bespoke wide-format digital die-cutting systems, each with front-end stack auto-feeders for full system automation. The Nexus cutters are initially to be used for the manufacture of York sleeves for Royal Mail’s roll containers across the business.

The installations were split evenly across Royal Mail’s two Super Hub sites, with two in Warrington and the other two at the Midlands Super Hub in Northampton, where more than one million items and parcels are processed daily. 

Initial conversations regarding specifications lead to subsequent visits by the Royal Mail management team to Vivid’s showroom in Ashby, Leicestershire. Material cutting was tested and completed, along with cut timing calculations to ensure that volumes could be completed in the required time frame.

The VeloBlade Nexus was identified as meeting Royal Mail’s requirements, with Vivid’s responsiveness, flexibility and all-round ‘can-do’ attitude being highlighted as strong contributing factors to the company securing the order. Vivid has particularly praised the role that its sales executive Duncan Cross played in securing the order.