In what it has described as its ‘most significant ever’ product launch, Roland DG has introduced six new printers in its TrueVis range, including its first resin ink model, plus UV print-and-cut devices.

The new models embody continuous developments made in the TrueVis platform since its inception in 2016, since when some 28,000 units have been sold, according to Roland DG president Kohei Tanabe, and bring the total number of models in the range to 10, including the four launched in March 2022. A common platform has been developed, with increased standardisation of parts – where applicable – and user interface. This is intended to simplify operation and maintenance of the printers, with sustainability improved through the introduction of replaceable 750ml ink pouches across the range.

The TrueVis LG 640 series of UV print-and-cut models includes 64, 54 and 30-inch variants (1625, 1571 and 762mm respectively) with a staggered twin print head arrangement supporting resolutions of up to 1200dpi and 21.3sqm/hr top speed at 720 x 900dpi. It supports white and gloss inks plus primer and is said to be suitable for window and backlit graphics, amongst other applications.

An evolution of the older VersaUV LEC2 platform, the new MG 640 line offers 1625 and 762mm models, supporting up to eight ink channels that can include red and orange inks for gamut expansion, plus an optimised curing system claimed to balance both quality and cost. The MG series is pitched as a complete solution that can print, cut, die-cut, perforate, varnish and emboss through clear ink build, which also supports Braille applications. Throughput is up to 11.3sqm/hr and there is an optional extension table to support printing on semi-rigid materials.

Adding a third ink type to Roland’s portfolio is the AP 640, a six-colour resin ink printer that extends the range of applications thanks to its water-based ink. The TA inks are Greenguard Gold certified, making them suitable for applications where eco-solvent or UV are not. Output is instantly dry, thanks to a warm air ‘curtain’ dryer that recirculates air to save energy, and the inks preserve the look and texture of the substrate. An optimiser is used to enable printing at up to 23sqm/hr and the printer as a whole has also been optimised for cost, according to Roland DG.

Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division commented, ‘Consumer needs have and continue to dramatically change against a backdrop of fast-paced technological innovation, changes in social structure, and the growing awareness of environmental issues. As a result, printed graphics are increasingly required not only to transmit information, but to offer functionality and expressiveness that create positive impressions and experiences.

‘We are excited to support our customers through this changing landscape by launching an expansion to our TrueVis line-up – offering more options and better, innovative solutions for all. No matter which printing technology they choose, our customers can count on the same industry-leading TrueVis quality of printing and reliability across the full range.’

All the new models are available immediately via Roland DG’s usual channels.